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Code: M-ACSFINCON ACS Finance System (ContrOCC and Liquidlogic)

Introductory e-learning for finance staff needing to use the case management system.

Code: M-ECMSAUAR Case Management System: Acceptable Use Agreement (2 Year Refresher)

Refresher for the IT Acceptable Use Agreement for all staff accessing the Case Management System (Liquidlogic)

Required every 2 years for continued access to the Case Management System.

Code: M-CDCNR Cassius Digital Care - for Non-Referrers

This e-Learning will provide an overview of Suffolk’s new and innovative Digital Care Partnership Service, Cassius.

Code: M-CONTROCCCYP CYP Finance System (ContrOCC and Liquidlogic)

Introductory e-learning for the Finance aspect of the Case Management System that relates to CYP.

Code: M-ESUPCON01 Supervised Contact

This E-learning is for any practitioner involved with Supervised Contact requests or arrangements, including all early help family support practitioners, and will cover the Background of Supervised Contacts, how to prepare and start Supervised Contact and how to record the event on the system.

Code: M-SYSTM1 SystmOne Training

Introductory SystmOne e-learning.