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Code: M-EARBW Abuse Related to a Belief in Witchcraft

The course will help you identify children at risk of witchcraft abuse - which will, in turn, help you to protect them from their abusers.

Code: M-EAUT Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness e-learning

Code: M-ECAF CAF or Early Help

CAF or Early Help eLearning

Code: M-CONTROCCCYP CYP Finance System (ContrOCC and Liquidlogic)

Introductory e-learning for the Finance aspect of the Case Management System that relates to CYP.

Code: M-EESAF E safety risk

E safety risk eLearning

Code: M-EP2020 Early Permanence

An overview of Early Permanence. This course explores what early permanence is, what the key benefits and challenges are and what the expectations and support along the way are. This course aims to help you decide if Early Permanence if the right route to adoption for you.

Code: M-EED Eating Disorders

This awareness course gives an insightful overview to eating disorders. It describes the physical and psychological symptoms of anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder, and the possible causes of these mental illnesses. This course explains how carers and families can help when they suspect someone may have an eating disorder and what treatments are currently available.

Code: M-EFGME Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is violence against female children and women, a serious public health hazard, and a human rights issue. It constitutes child abuse and causes physical, psychological and sexual harm, which can be severely disabling. Protecting children and mothers from FGM is everybody’s business. This course will increase your understanding of the issues surrounding Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). It will also help you handle situations appropriately where FGM has occurred or might occur.

Code: M-EFSA Fire Safety Awareness

This engaging and thought-provoking course will give learners an insight into fire safety in the UK.

With interactive features, the course discusses legislation regarding fire safety in the workplace, the typical fire hazards that you might encounter, what causes a fire, and what to do to should a fire start where you work.

Code: M-EFWFC Fire Warden for Care

Being a Fire Warden in the care industry is a very important role. This engaging, interactive course will help you to understand your responsibilities and legal duties of being a Fire Warden in the healthcare sector.

Code: M-EFSH2 Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2

This Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene course has been designed to help anyone who handles, prepares or serves food to understand all aspects of food safety, from their legal responsibilities, kitchen hazards, to good personal hygiene and food contamination risks.

Code: M-EFRAME Framework for Assessment

Framework for Assessment eLearning

Code: M-EGYV Gangs and Youth Violence

Gangs and Youth Violence eLearning

Code: M-EHC Hate Crime

Hate Crime Elearning

Code: M-EHBVFME Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage

This course will increase your understanding of the issues surrounding 'honour-based' violence and forced marriage. It will also help you handle situations appropriately where this abuse has occurred or might occur.

Code: M-EHTS Human Trafficking and Slavery

Human Trafficking and Slavery eLearning

Code: M-LCSRES LCS Residential Staff Training

LCS Residential Staff Training - for residential children's home staff that need access to Liquidlogic LCS and the residential workspace.

Code: M-ENEG Neglect

Neglect - eLearning

Code: M-EPREV Safeguarding against Radicalisation - Prevent

Safeguarding against radicalisation - Prevent eLearning

Code: M-ESC1 Safeguarding Children Level 1

Safeguarding Children Level 1 eLearning

Code: M-ESC23A Safeguarding Children Training Group 2 3 To replace face to face training as interim measure during Covid 19 (V3a)

Safeguarding Children Level 2-3 Interim E-Learning


Code: M-ESCD Safeguarding Children with disabilities

Safeguarding Children with disabilities eLearning

Code: M-ESELF Self Harm

Self Harm eLearning

Code: M-SUPCON Supervised Contact E-learning

E-learning for any practitioner involved with Supervised Contact requests or arrangements, including all early help family support practitioners.

Code: M-ESMVDA Supporting Male Victims of Domestic Abuse

Code: M-SYSTM1 SystmOne Training

Introductory SystmOne e-learning.