As part of a five year plan to transform the system supporting the emotional wellbeing of Children and Young People ( ), a new selection of training and online resources is being launched to support those working with children and young people in Suffolk.
This includes:
- 2-day Youth mental health first Aid
- 3-hour Introductory Emotional Wellbeing Training
- A suite of recommended MindEd e-learning Modules
- Online Resources relating to Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health
Further Information:
The new learning resources will become live on CPD online during this week to run in line with a number of other developments being launched as part of Mental Health Awareness Week. The resources will include fully funded 2-day Youth Mental Health First Aid training, 3-hour introductory emotional wellbeing course, a suite of recommended MindEd e-learning modules, and a bank of online resources containing useful information about issues relating to mental health and emotional wellbeing.
The online resources and e-learning will be available to everyone in Suffolk who supports children and young people. Training will be prioritised for those working directly with children and young people in health and social care services initially; however we encourage anyone directly supporting young people in Suffolk to register their interest as we hope to allocate training over time in a way that facilitates a system-wide foundation of understanding relating to emotional wellbeing and mental health. 
These resources are the first elements of a wider workforce development programme, which will be built upon over the course of the next year to start to create a framework of learning and development which can be used by staff to underpin the great work they are already doing with our children and young people. To find them click here

To book your place search using the course code prefix M-MHFA
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