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'Making meaningful connections'

Event Code FLA142/03
Training Provider Independent Adviser (company)
Event Description This course is intended for adoptive applicants who are being assessed, or who have been assessed and are waiting for a child to be placed. The focus of the training will be on how to use play activities to make deep meaningful connections/relationships with children.
The aim will be to develop skills in relationship 'attunement' where the child's enjoyable experiences are amplified & his/her stressful experiences are reduced & contained
Training Objectives To be able to use play activities to connect/attune with children/young people
To gain knowledge & understanding of brain development in connection with trauma
To gain knowledge of using non-verbal communication to enable children to feel safe.
To gain knowledge of how to transfer Theraplay from the clinical setting to the home environment.
Subject Areas Practice with Children and Families
Target Audience Foster Carers/Adopters/Parents and Guardians
Dress Code
Course Pre-requisites
Resulting Qualification
Admin Contact Social Care Training Admin (
Event Tutor Steve Layzell
Suffolk County Council Staff £ 0
Others £ 0
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Session 1Saturday 21 September 20139.30 - 16.30Castle Hill Community Centre - IpswichNo info available